Timney 662S-ST Small Pin Targa 2 4lbs Straight Trigger Timney 532-CE 2-STAGE CALVIN ELITE REMINGTON MODEL 700 Apex Tactical 102-110 Enhancement Trigger with Gen 3 Trigger Bar Glock Aluminum Matte
Timney 788 Rifle Trigger Remington 788 with Safety Timney 521-CE-16 Calvin Elite Remington 7 Trigger Apex Tactical 107-003 Action Enhancement Trigger S&W SD9, SD40 Polymer Black
Timney 662S Small Pin Targa 2 4lbs Curved Trigger Elftmsn ELF-MATCH Straight  Small Pin Trigger Timney 510THIN Trigger Remington 700 W/Safety
Timney 510 Trigger Remington 700 W/Safety Apex Tactical 100-057 - RED M&P SHIELD ACTION ENHANCEMENT TRIGGER G-SHOCK MUDMAN G9300-1